PROJECT PROPOSITION “Outdoors children’s playground”


Ecological charity organization „The Cap for smile“

„The Cap for smile“ action was launched in 2012 on the initiative of the young and motivated environmentalist Vanja Petkovic, who was then supported by only a few people. Today, it is the most massive action which is being carried out and represented in almost every city and town in Serbia and it counts over 2000 active volunteers.

The main goal of humanitarian-ecological organization „The Cap for smile“ is to provide funds for the purchase of aids for the children with disabilities by collecting plastic caps and forwarding them to recycling centres, with the aim of making their education and everyday life easier, as well as improving quality of their life. This action also has a goal of raising awareness about the importance of protecting the environment and sorting of solid waste.

We have so far collected over 500 tons of plastic caps and managed to provide aid for fifty-six children and we truly hope and strive to make this number even greater. With the raised funds, we were able to provide electric wheelchairs, therapeutic tricycles, electric tricycles, electric aspirator, electric oxygen concentrator, portable laptops for the blind, who use Braille, and many more. Aids are chosen to suit the needs of each individual child and to change their lives for the better.

Ecological charity organization “The Cap for smile” has over 2,000 active volunteers on the territory of Serbia, 25 of them are coordinators from larger cities, we have 10 active volunteers come to the association in Novi Sad every day, on top of that we have three persons with disabilities among our team members. In the future, we have a goal to establish a social enterprise employing people with disabilities, and it that way we plan to improve their position in society in long term and raise awareness of the importance of anti discrimination while employing the people with disabilities. This enterprise would, besides the above mentioned, have a great ecological significance and encourage fundamental changes in Serbia, when it comes to disposal and the amount of secondary waste.

Project proposition

Outdoors children’s playground

Hereby we are submitting a project proposition for the outdoors children’s playground in Pivnice, municipality of Backa Palanka in Serbia.

This municipality is having a need for a combined playground for children with and without developmental disabilities. Our proposition is to have one item for children with disabilities and other items of playground equipment for children without disabilities.

Municipality of Backa Palanka, Pivnice will provide support in finding the most suitable location fot this outdoors children’s playground and will contribute to this project by concreting the base of the playground In the next week we will be able to provide a full specification of all the planned items planned for the outdoors children’s playground, once we get it from PinusBor, our selected partner(contractor) for this particular project.

They will be the ones who will provide the appropriate base and all the items for the playground. The base as well as all the items of the children’s playground will be done according to high ecological standards and will be made from the sustainable materials. It is very important to notice that items of the children’s playground that are for the children with disabilities are way more expencive than the items for children without disabilities, this is why the scale and the number of items in this particular playground will depend on the amount of the approved budget. We will ensure promotion, proffesional video materials, media coverage and visibility of this project upon implementation. Also we will provide entire project documentation, meticulous reporting and implementation monitoring.

Our prior experiences

In our prior experience, we managed to implement an outdoors children’s playground in the budget of 20.000 EUR, where all of the items of children’s playground were for the children with disabilities and this playground is the only playground of this kind in Serbia. Pictures of this playground can be found below.

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